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Much Freerolls! Such Rewards!

Rewards released and all existing users credited with extra moon points - to the moon! Also, our Freeroll schedule has been completely revamped - we're giving away even more free doge every 2 hours or less!

What is PokerShibes?

What is Dogecoin?

Why play with us?

PokerShibes is about mixing poker with fun. Founded by online poker players and dogecoin enthusiasts from all across the globe, we know what it takes to manage a player-friendly site while keeping the dogecoin spirit alive.

Sit down at one or a few of our tables and you'll feel like you're playing poker on the moon.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It fits perfectly with poker because its ideals are to lighten up, to have fun, and to enjoy the ride. Find out more at!

We have daily freeroll tournaments and a rewards program for all our players. We have games running for all players, from micro dogecoin games to high stakes dogecoin games. From small stakes heads up SNGs to 1,000,000 dogecoin guaranteed tournaments.